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Founder and  Owners

Dean, the master behind the scenes, founded FTG Studios in Costa Mesa, CA with a vision to 'Find The Good' and has been since assembling this uniquely talented team of artists to further broaden his vision and take it to new heights.


Dean has been under the spotlight in the studio many times as well. You can listen to one of his songs in our Music section under "Nature's Choice".




Pedro is our lead engineer and embodies the values that we strive for here at the studio. His positive energy and ability to produce an exceedingly creative environment for all the artists he represents has been shown time and time again in the quality of sound and style he has been able to produce here at FTG.


A member of the studio since its formation, Pedro is also a solo artist  with multiple releases that can be heard below, specializing in guitar, but shows no qualms picking up any instrument he sees fit to convey his expressions through music.

Founded by Dean Sexton with a vision to 'Find The Good,' FTG Studios has been making waves in the music industry with its innovative and abstract artists.

We work hard everyday to support our artists by encouraging a creative environment filled with positive attiude where we strive to work together as a team.

Barry Sexton is a valued Audio Engineer and has been involved in the production of music since he was 12 years old. Barry has a plethora of versatile styles at his disposal and uses them to bend and convey the fragments of music and sound while transforming them into emotion and thought. The lead guitarist of 'Warrens', and 'Mounds of Earth', Barry also enjoys the bass, piano, baritone, and is the creator of the music project 'Georgie's Paper Boat.'


Contemporary art in music is continued through Barry's hands, and the love for music we all share will keep him creating every day - stay tuned.



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